Belgian Training Part 2: Monsoon Monday

Belgian Training Part 2: Monsoon Monday

If last week I thought all the grey made it like Belgium, this week’s forecast calls for a monsoon: heavy rain and high winds all week, mudslide and flood risk, general meteorological mayhem. Well. I guess the gym and indoor trainer are on tap for the week.  The gym is fine, I should be working on building more of the strength that I began creating before the holidays.  The training is working, but I am starting to fade a bit, thanks to the hectic school schedule of girls basketball and finals. I’ve got a little sinus thing going on as well, I feel fine, except for my head, so I must watch my recovery carefully.  This week’s long ride went much better.  I ate more before, and during, so I felt much stronger, although I kept the exact same pace as last week, over the same course.  I also recovered better, although I drank too much coffee before the ride, so that my post ride nap was not quite the bliss I had hoped for.  I got that after my long run yesterday.  I changed my run course a little, adding in another little loop, that didn’t actually add that much time overall.  I felt very good on the run. I reminded myself to slow down and keep a relaxed pace, walking occasionally to drink, and I felt great up until the very end, where my legs started to go dead. I consoled myself with the fact that I did do a long ride the day before.
Sat. Long ride 2:55 I haven’t this much endurance this early before, good news!
Sun. Long run 1:35 Need to figure out how to integrate yoga into the week.
Farmer’s Market:
yellow peppers, brussels sprouts, broccoli rabe, fingerling and red potatoes
In the kitchen:
Mediterranean Stew in the crock pot. I love crock pot season! This one had beans, veggies, herbs, wine, and I forgot the artichoke hearts. Oh well, it was still good over Kashi 7 Grain Pilaf. Tonight will be the broccoli rabe over soft polenta.
Her: Are you training for a marathon, young man?
Me: (aloud) No, just running because I love it!
Me: (in my head) Young man ?! You mean I don’t look like a middle aged knucklehead? Marathon? Is that because of my ultra smooth stride, gleaned from reading books about Kenyans and Tarahumara?
Ah, the kindness of strangers, everyone needs a little ego boost, even Buddhists!


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