Autumn Vegan Bounty

Santa Cruz Mountains

I ran across Chris Carmichael’s postabout what is so great about the fall and couldn’t agree more. I love the fall in California. Cool nights and mornings with warm afternoons are perfect for long training or racing. Fall is definitely here in the Bay Area. I am happy that this is the second weekend in a row that I have resisted the temptations of the couch or given into workweek fatigue and actually followed the training plan. Score another one for the Maffetone method. Saturday consisted of a great 2 hour MTB ride around the trails off Skyline above Palo Alto. Sunday’s workout was a 90 minute long run to begin the build phase for a December marathon. Unfortunately, my legs were deadened a bit by Saturday’s ride, so I had to slow to a pathetic jog to keep my HR within the prescribed range. Regardless, it was a good workout because it met the criteria and it was a beautiful morning to run. After the run of course it was time to hit the Campbell Farmer’s Market. Another reason fall is the best, the truly amazing bounty at the Farmer’s Market! I scored bok choy, mizuna, eggplant, green beans, yukon gold potatoes, heirloom tomatoes, and peaches.

Time to create a menu plan and a training plan for the week. Definitely a lot more work needed on my aerobic engine. No anaerobic efforts until gym work begins next month. How are you training now? Still racing? What are you eating now?


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