Training Plan Week of 10/03/11

The Marathon Project is officially underway! Today I ran 1:45, which is about fifteen minutes longer than my previous long runs, but a bit shy of my goal for the month of two hour long runs. The good news is that I completed the run feeling pretty good. Immediately after the run I was on my feet gathering veggies at the farmer’s market with no undue distress. So Week 1 of The Marathon Project has me training:


One hour bike commute


Run a M.A.F. test on the track


A.M. Strength Train @gym

P.M. 90 minute bike commute  1 hr. trainer ride

The first real cold front is working its way through California, with real rain expected.


Run 60 min.


Bike commute one hour


A.M. 2 hour long run

P.M. Strength train @gym


2-3 hr Bike ride, road or MTB

Except for Monday’s faculty meeting, no work commitments should interfere. Unlike the last two weeks, the weather calls for our California Indian summer to finally ease up. No more 90 degree afternoons cancelling runs, I hope.


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