Top Three Ways to Fail


How does that old expression about falling off horses go? Well, I think that the reality is much more like me. When you fall off the horse, just walk away. Yup, just keep walking. Riding that horse was dumb anyway. So for an athlete trying to improve and do new scary things like run marathons or qualify for Leadville, failure means not keeping up with the daily disciplines that endurance sport requires.

Enter My Day of Epic Failure

Running late, I did not cook my usual antioxidant rich oatmeal. Instead, bagels (refined flour) and some vegan cream cheese replacement. It might be vegan, but it is still processed fat.

At a workshop, I ate what was provided, vegetarian tostada bowls. How much oil was used in the beans and rice? I don’t know, but I could see the oil on the shells. More refined white flour and oil. Ouch. At least the salsa was spicy and good.

When you fail this miserably, you might as well as finish it off, so I went out to dinner for Indian food. Again, I shudder to imagine how much added fat there was. Double points for drinking beer with it.

Extra Credit:
Did I train today? Of course not. With my schedule already disrupted, why not make the failure complete?

So What Do You Do Next?

Well, I go back to the analogy that opened this post. Just get back on the damn horse. Which I will do with all sincerity tomorrow. A new day, a fresh start, and even a little momentum started early in the morning will keep me going all day. Sometimes a little (or a LOT) of failure can reignite enthusiasm. So I’ll just sleep on it. Tomorrow I’ll be a good boy. I promise.


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