Reverse Diabetes

I’ve known diabetics and prediabetics. Problem is that identifu=ying the disease and starting the drug regiment that is used as treatment never works. They never get better. They start a sisyphean attempt to “control” the disease. But they never cure it. In fact, they get worse. I thought the reason we took drugs was to get better? Well, diabetes is a lifestyle disease, so the only way we can cure it is to fix the lifestyle issues that caused it. But that doesn’t appear to be the way that we approach it. Dr Neal Barnard has great research that shows how to get at the root of the problem in his book about diabetes. We can control this, but it takes some effort on our parts. It may be more effort than swallowing pills and shooting up insulin, but in the end it will pay off bigger. But what is even worse, we have known about this disease and what can reverse it for for decades as Dr. John McDougall explains  in his lecture on diabetes. Even if there are flaws in these studies it costs nothing to try them, right? Enjoy.


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