Pneumonia: NOT Recommended

November began my second year of participating in National Novel Writing Month, so all writing time had to be focused on getting those 50,000 words written before the end of the month. Which I did, at the proverbial eleventh hour under the light of the proverbial midnight oil. No blogging. Little cooking of note. Even less training. But it was the off-season, and considering the bad news my October M.A.F. test gave me, I figured some time off would be a good thing. In December I eased back just with fast walks for an hour or so until vacation started. And within a few days it all went off the rails.

This is the year of NO SNOW. Tahoe in December looked like it was October. There was no snow except manmade snow at the ski areas covering just a few runs. So skiing was out of the picture, but I figured I could do some easy runs or hikes, right? Wrong. Within a day of arrival I got the flu. And for two weeks it would not go away. The fever went away, the other symptoms improved about half way, but then it was the same day after day. I missed Christmas not wanting to pass on what I had. I missed everything. I missed work when I was supposed to go back. Finally, two weeks had passed with symptoms persisting. so I got to see a doctor, who after hearing my sob story and listening to my lungs with the stethoscope said simply, “It’s pneumonia.” Well, that explained a few things: my resting heart rate 30-40 beats above normal, out of breath going up stairs, and that incessant hard cough that left my ribs feeling like Chuck Norris round house kicked them. Ouch.

So, in the end, I was sick and basically in bed for nearly a month. Now that I’m supposed to start base training for this year’s triathlon season, I have lost all of my fitness, and apparently my lungs too. Talk about starting over! Nowadays I get to shuffle around the park with the truly old guys. Maybe I can get them to show me some of their Tai Chi moves. But it wasn’t all bad. While I couldn’t write or do active things, I did get a vacation of sorts. I watched a lot of MI-5, and read a lot of the pulp mysteries that English majors are not ordinarily allowed to read.

BUT, what was really interesting is that I actually got some true benefit from all this!

Stay tuned: While pneumonia is NOT recommended, there were some positives…


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