Benefits of Pneumonia

Pneumonia benefits? WTF?

Well, it turned out to be true.

#1 Pulp

Lots of time to read mysteries and watch spy movies. Fortunately, I wasn’t completely out of commission, wheezing in bed like the doctor expected I would be. I just couldn’t do anything active mentally or physically. I call the reading and watching “research” for future writing projects. Really.

#2 Weight Loss

Most people dread the holidays for all of the temptations around to eat and cause weight gain. No problem for me. My appetite disappeared. One day I ate absolutely nothing. I was worried that the sleeping 12-14 hours a day would cause me to gain weight, but my appetite countered. While others stepped on the scale after New Year’s and moaned, I cheered, Look! I’m closer to racing weight! Now if I could just find some lungs…

#3 Food Tastes

The really unbelievable and totally unexpected benefit of my long illness is that I lost almost all cravings for unhealthy food. With so little appetite, everything looked the same to me, no appeal. So I made sure I was following the rules of the McDougall Program as closely as possible and eat nutrient dense veggies. The only cheats I had were ginger ale and fruit juice, which I rarely drink. But all the rich foods and things that I have to consciously avoid had no attraction. But the really amazing part is that while my appetite has returned, the temptation to cheat has not! I still just want to eat basic vegan food. Which leads to…

#4 More Weight Loss

I am still losing weight, as the McDougall Program should do. Now that I can exercise a little at very low intensity, it’ll keep going. I was called “gaunt” at the work the other day. Yay! I’m not stopping though. I’ll keep going until called “emaciated”. Then I’ll look like a real endurance racer. And be faster.

While I certainly don’t endorse flu and pneumonia as the way to get to racing weight, sometimes benefits can appear in the strangest places. Keep your eyes open…



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