Weekly Wrap 1/23

With the pneumonia gone, I can now train as I like. I may be moving slowly, but I am about a light year better than two weeks ago, when I made my first tentative attempts to exercise by walking in the park. I can “run”, and I can bike and stay below my Maximum Aerobic Function level minus five BPM. Since I am returning to training after a long layoff and a long illness, I took the 180 formula and subtracted five beats from my MAF for my trials and tribulations. I will keep it through base training, which will last through March, until the first XTERRA race of the season, at Granite Beach. As long as MAF tests improve, I will go back to my usual range in April. The good thing about a drought is nice weather, so this week I will resume bike commuting Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

This Week’s Hits and Misses:


Four great workouts. Each day I went better than the previous workout. I got two days on the bike on the indoor trainer, and my first outdoor ride in over two months. I may only be able to ironman shuffle, but at least I can jog easy and control my heart rate, staying aerobic.

Good food and nutrition, mostly. I ate root vegetable dal on rice, which worked great. I ate a great stir fry.

More caught up on paperwork than usual.

Read good books.


Restaurant food. A late meeting caught me without dinner and tempted by the Italian place around the corner. Oily, salty pasta sauce and red wine made for the first off plan eating in a long time. Boo. I didn’t sleep well as a result.

More off plan eating and spending. A trip to Whole Foods left me with more temptations that I have been so good at avoiding.

Still haven’t added yoga or meditation to the routine. How long have I been trying?

Bought a nice bunch of collards to cook for a base to add rice and dal, but didn’t use it. I blame two night events, but I still could have done better.

Turning Misses into Hits

I have a night event this week as well, so I will make sure I plan ahead to have my own dinner. Only one night event should make things easier.

Use my shorter days this week to keep the nutrition and workouts on track.


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  1. I really enjoyed reading about your misses this week as I fell into a bottle of wine – oh but it was such a good bottle of wine!!! First, it started as a glass, then another. Then the next day well I couldn’t let it go to waste so I had one….then finally I used the rest to sautee my veggies so I could stop drinking it!!!! But it was sooooo good!!!!! This weekend poses a challenge for me. Its Superbowl and while I don’t get too excited about it, it does mean snack foods abound! So, I’ve developed a few of my own snacks that boast a lot of flavor and little or no fat….read on!

    Here is my latest creation which also makes for an incredible toasted sandwich for dinner: Carmelized onion and apple crostini

    Toast small slices of baguette – whole grain if possible
    Slice onions into 1/4″ wide strips for carmelizing
    Slice apple into flat slices about 1/4″ thick
    Carmelize two or three onions using broth not oil – when almost done add the apple slices in to soften but still have some firmness -granny smith is good
    Dijon Mustard
    1 small jar of apple butter (which has no butter or fat)
    Wilted spinach

    Spread a layer of apple jelly on the crostini, and then dijon over the jelly (sweet and sour)
    Place wilted greens on top
    Place carmelized apple slice on top of greens
    Place camelized onions on top of apple

    This should be servied warm! And it’s layer upon layer of goodness! It feels like you are eating like a king!! If you want a larger version, toast whole bread slices and follow the recipe only don’t wilt the spinach – put it on fresh and enjoy!

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