The Six Million Dollar Woman

I lasted a week.

I said I would not bum rush Paula Deen

Beacause she is like many of us, uninformed and suffering as a result.

But she is not like us. She get paid millions for her illness, instead of the other way around.

I couldn’t resist any longer

Anyone remember that old TV show The Six Million Dollar Man with Lee Majors? Well, thanks to the pharmaceutical industry, Ms. Deen has become the $6 mil. woman. Shameful. How come no one is approaching me to promote kale? Or peppers? I really like peppers of all kinds! Any wealthy pepper farmers? Oh yeah, all the USDA money goes to wheat, corn and soy headed to livestock not the fruit and veggie growers.

But apparently, there are no blood pressure sponsors lining up as Dr. Oz allegedly learned that blood pressure was a taboo topic. Celebrity endorsements of drugs disturb me, but I suppose we should all be surprised that it hasn’t happened sooner. I was disturbed when TV ads for prescription drugs were allowed. It always seemed to me that medications should only be marketed to doctors. Now TV chefs can get in on the action. profitably. So who is next? I’m going to take some B12 and cry into my herb tea.

Rant finished

You may now go about your regularly scheduled minutia.


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