Super Bowl Survival

According to my top secret research elves, tomorrow’s Super Bowl partying could add up to the following:

26 million avocados (mostly as guacamole, mmm)

8 million pounds of popcorn

1 billion chicken wings

4.4 million pizzas (from the top three deliverers)

50 million cases of beer


No wonder heart disease hasn’t budged out of its place as the top killer of Americans. That’s an insane amount of fat. And not for a significant holiday. Just a football game. But one day can’t hurt that much, right? I mean, if you worked hard all week you deserve a day on the couch with a case of beer and a hundred wings, right? Well, such a sporting party can actually kill. “Holiday heart” is a well known, but not wholly understood phenomenon where binge drinking and eating can lead to life threatening heartbeat irregularities. Ouch.  But throughout the holidays there are more heart attacks too. Clearly the rich, fatty, salty food and festive cheer in a glass is killing us. But it gets worse party professionals, not only can a festive day or night put you in the emergency room,just one meal can demonstrably damage your arteries. How do those wings look now?

Is there any way to survive the Super Bowl with your arteries intact? Here is what I’ll do:

Two Dips Good for Your Arteries:

Spicy Bean Dip

1 can black beans

1/2 to 1 C Medium Spicy  fresh salsa (store bought)



Hot sauce

Blend beans and salsa in a food processor, adding the salsa a little at a time until desired consistency is achieved. Taste and correct seasoning by adding hot sauce, cilantro and lime juice.


1 can garbanzo beans

2-3 cloves garlic


Roasted red peppers (jarred)



Blend all ingredients in food processor and adjust seasonings

I stay away from nearly all chips and crackers due to the calorie density and the oil used. So I will make my own. Simply bake corn tortillas and split pits breads until crispy. No oil needed. Plus the beans will help clear out cholesterol, what a deal.

So that’s my plan to keep my arteries and watch a good game.

And the beer? Why not? A little juice goes good for the heart, right? (well, not so much, but…)

Do you minimize the damage? Take an indulgence day? Hide under the covers or watch lacrosse?


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