Weekly Wrap 1/30 and Weekly Plan 2/6

A fairly uneventful week. Cooked the remainder of the root veggies from last week’s dal into a Moroccan style stew. Except I forgot the cinnamon. It was spicy, but something was definitely missing. Cooked up super veggie stir fry with my favorite baby bok choy from one of my favorite farmer’s market growers. Tried Susan Voisin’s version of New Orleans red beans and rice, but my beans were old and did not break down the way they were supposed to. Cooked up collards to go with it.


Collard greens! went well with the red beans

Healthy dips for the Super Bowl

Every workout went according to plan

Meditated most days

Started measuring my HRV score again, it’s close to pre-illness levels


Missed two days meditation

Too much caffeine made Sunday ride heart rate squirrely

Indulged during Super Bowl

Two bunches of uneaten greens in the fridge

No closer to race weight (thanks, NFL)


Weekly Plan 2/6


M.A.F. Test run

Spicy Chickpeas in tomato sauce with chard


1 hr. ride

Steamed bok choy and Japanese sweet potatoes


40 min. run

Spanish Red Lentil and Garbanzo Stew


1 hr. bike commute

Black eyed peas and collards




Stir Fry


2 hr ride


1 hr run


About vegpedlr

Plant powered off-road triathlete

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