Vegans Have Better Protein Status

Where do get your protein?

Even contemplate a vegetarian or vegan diet and you WILL get this question until you want nothing more than to stuff the questioner’s head inside a can of whey protein. There are many possible responses that are research based that plant foods provide more than adequate protein. Currently I like this little gem that shows that not only do long term vegans get enough, they are actually better off than omnivores:

If I’m feeling nice, I respond with where do elephants get their protein?

Blank Stare

Green vegetables, like me.

If I’m feeling snarky, I respond with, “Where do you get you isothiocyanates? Indole-3 carbonole? Anthocyanins?”

Blank stare.

“You know, all those cancer fighting phytochemicals you hear about in the news?”

More blank stares.

Clearly, plant strong warriors, the fight must go on a while longer.


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Plant powered off-road triathlete

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