Choose Your Poison: Not At All!

I am often asked if I buy organic produce. Sometimes it makes me a little uncomfortable, feeling that I am being judged for spending more money than is necessary, or that I am overly obsessed about health. So I backpedal a bit and say that I am more concerned about the environmental impact of farming. I like supporting farmers who are not dumping toxic chemicals into the air, water and soil. But then the nasty side of me takes hold and I explain that if one is truly concerned about pesticide and toxic chemical exposure, then elimination of animal products from the diet is essential. The toxic residue builds up as you ascend the food chain. I had people argue, but fortunately I was sitting next to a biology Phd who nodded and agreed. Didn’t stop anyone present from eating meat. But here is more evidence of the nasty accumulation of toxic chemicals in meat. Note the stress this causes the meat industry. Not that all of it is their fault, the global environment being what it is, but how do you market poison?


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