Weekly Plan: Mar. 5-11

No plan last week, I had to wing it coming back from vacation. Plus with the beginning of Lent, and my other Lenten blog, things were a little hectic. But a relaxing weekend at home writing, training, cooking and shopping at my beloved farmer’s market brings things back to normal. So my Lent rules of all meals being based on rice and beans or rice and vegetables changes my menu planning a bit. Add in my challenge to eat five bunches of high nutrient greens every week, and some familiar dishes will change.


Bike commute 1 hour

Braised mixed greens with Brazilian black bean soup for dinner


Run 45 min.

Swim 30 min.


Large salad


Bike commute for 90 min.

Broccoli and mushrooms with rice

Large salad


Run 45 min.

Orange Bok Choy and rice


Mountain bike 1-2 hrs.



Ski 2 hrs.

Walk 45 min.

DInner? Visiting the parents, so we’ll see


Mountain bike 1-2 hrs.

Dinner will be whatever greens didn’t get used to meet my quota!

What does your week look like?



About vegpedlr

Plant powered off-road triathlete

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