MAF Test #2: Real Progress

Almost exactly one month later, I did another MAF test. I aimed for three weeks, a little ahead of Maffetone’s guidelines, but it worked the same anyway. I wanted some validation in data that I have been getting stronger, and I got it. I know I’ve become fitter, because I can feel it. I also have informal data from times posted on training routes that I use frequently. All good news, because the racing season starts in roughly one month with the XTERRA Real in Granite Beach.

MAF Test #1 2/06/12

Avg mile pace 13:27

MAF Test #2 3/06/12

Avg mile pace 11:52

Almost a minute and a half faster! And I lost some training time due to mid month vacation.

Even better than the relative improvement is how this number compares to last season. I didn’t start using the Maffetone method until April of last year, and I did not measure aerobic fitness with a MAF test until July 15, with a result of 11:56. So right now, I theoretically have better fitness than I did at midsummer last year. Yay, me! That first test came one week prior to racing the Leadville Qualifier Series race at Northstar, where I felt good. I want to chop off an hour or two from my time and move from the back of the pack to the middle, and this test gives me hope. I still have months to build aerobic fitness for that race.


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