Green Leafy Moroccan Medley

I got my copy of Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Super Immunitfrom my mom, and so we decided to try a recipe that we both had our eyes on. In my ongoing quest to eat five bunches of greens a week for Lent, I needed another good recipe. I love North African spicing, but have not really tried those spices with a dish so heavy on leafy greens. I also rarely cook mustard greens, and this was a good opportunity to try those as well. In typical Fuhrman fashion, this recipe includes his favorite high nutrient foods: cruciferous vegetables, leafy greens, the allium family, and mushrooms. We added cooked chickpeas to make a main dish out of it and served it over a Kashi pilaf.

Excellent dish! I was worried that either the mustard greens would be too strong or that the spices might be a but too much since it called for a full tablespoon of cinnamon, but they were fine when added to two huge bunches of greens, collards and mustard. I wanted more heat, but the other folks were content with the way it came out.

Next up for us to try from the book is his Creamy Cruciferous Curry.


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