MAF Test #3: More Progress and Race Time

This test came a little sooner, just three weeks after the last one. I want to test a little more frequently than Maffetone suggests so that I have more data and can catch problems faster. Plus, I really wanted a test close to my first race of the year on April 1. That way I can compare MAF data with racing heart rate and my subjective perception of the overall race experience.

Like the February test, I knew I was getting fitter and faster because my time for a typical training run had been improving, and my HRV (heart rate variability) score had been improving. When I tested, I was not disappointed.

MAF Test #2 03/06/12

avg mile pace 11:52

MAF Test #3 03/28/12

avg mile pace 11:31

That’s a twenty second improvement in just three weeks training at my low and comfortable MAF aerobic heart rate. This score should correspond to my fitness last August. But I do need more data from the real world, so if the weather will dry out, I will go do a MTB ride that I have recorded times from last summer. Then I will have very good data. But for now, I’m satisfied.


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