Lance Armstrong: Plant Strong!

A little gem appeared recently in the Canadian Huff Post about Lance Armstrong’s plans for 2012. (Why Canada?) It appears that Mr. Armstrong has been influenced by his training partner, Rip Esselstyn to move more towards a vegan diet. Armstrong still allows himself to “eat whatever”  for dinner. But following Rip’s plant strong approach has shown real benefits that he wants to pursue. I’m a little surprised at this, for in one of his autobiographies he mentions that he followed a similar vegan diet while recovering from chemotherapy. Plus, his famous focus and attention to detail, led me to believe that he would have already experimented with diet in order to get every advantage he could. But he clearly shows that we’re never too old to learn new things. He also contributed a blurb to Rip’s book. Moving into another athletic comeback, he is actually changing his nutrition. I hope that he takes this a lot farther. What a great representative of the plant based lifestyle he would be!


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