Week of 5/7: Weekly Plan

Been lagging on the blogging lately. Missed out on the great opportunity with the recent California Mad Cow. All I can say is, where there is smoke, there’s usually fire. Does the USDA inspire confidence in you? Me neither.


I’ve been adding some volume, so I’ll maintain that. Instead of an informal MAF test, I really need to do a formal MAF test on the track this week. I get three bike commute days this week, so I’ll do two on the MTB and one on the road bike. For one run I want to go about an hour, so I need to modify my usual route. And swim! I’ve been lagging at the pool. It’s so darn inconvenient. And a little racing at the Chick Chaser 5K next weekend!


Bike commute, MTB 90 min


Run, MAF test

Swim 30 min


Bike Commute, Road bike 2 hrs


Run 1 hr

Swim 30 min


Bike Commute MTB 90 min


AM: 2 hr road ride, recover

PM: Race 5K


AM Swim 30 min

PM Run 90 min

Meals and Nutrition:

Race weight is slipping away. I need to get more focused on the McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss and the principles of calorie density. Too much beer. Don’t drink your calories, Vegpedlr! Except after the race. Three miles of chasing chicks requires beer. It’s only fair.

So back to rice, beans, and greens. And little potatoes for snacks instead of things made with flour. Black eye peas are already cooked, chili in the crockpot for tonight, and the black beans are soaking cooking.


Spanish Red Lentil and Garbanzo Soup with Chard, large green salad


Happy Herbivore’s Maryland Kale, Black Eye Peas and Rice..


Black Beans and Mangoes, Caribbean Style. (if mangoes aren’t on sale, Cuban Black Beans and Rice.)


Stir Fry: Bok choy, zuchini, peppers, mushrooms, broccoli with noodles or rice.





The farmer’s market has a lot of great stuff right now, but we’re still kinda between seasons, so a lot of random stuff. Plus, I hate May. The school year is winding down, and I’m tired and cranky. I want summer: ride the mountain bike for two hours, then ride the hammock for two hours. Repeat daily until September.


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