MAF Test #4

While my informal MAF tests have been showing progress in developing an aerobic base, it’s been awhile since I did a formal test on the track to get my maximum aerobic pace for running. So off I went even though the test anxiety discovered numerous excuses: too hot, too windy, legs a little sore and heavy, etc. As I began to warmup on the track my dead legs almost made me quit. So I negotiated. All I had to do was run the first mile and see. If I wasn’t significantly faster than my last average, I would give in to my excuses and bag it. My first mile was the second fastest I’ve run in a MAF test, and way faster than last time! By now I was not only warmed up but motivated by a little success. As expected, my times slowed down, but when I crunched the numbers I netted a 25 second improvement.

MAF Test Average Pace: 11:06

This is only 3 seconds off my best result last year at the beginning of October.

Encouraging results, and further proof that in order to get faster, slow down and really develop that aerobic engine. I’m feeling good about this summer’s big races, even though there is still a lot of work to do.


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