If You Fall Off the Wagon, Flag the Next One



The scale does not lie. But it can bend the truth a little, with water weight. I am not at racing weight, and since the overall trend is up, I can’t blame that on water weight. But I can blame myself. I have four weeks  until my first A priority race this season, and another four until the next A priority race, probably the most important race of the season. I think that I have ten pounds of useless fat I can lose to be at a good racing weight. Avergaed over eight weeks that equates to 1.25 pounds per week. Most weight loss experts recommend losing no more than 1-2 pounds per week, so I’m right in there. Dr. Fuhrman suggests that if you’re truly doing his program and have weight to lose, that 1% of your weight should come off per week, which would be a little more.

Where did that wagon go?

I fell off. I have been eating out. I have had too much wine and beer, and those liquid calories add up. I have been eating emotionally to deal with the streess that increases dramatically at the end of the school year. I have been making too many exceptions and “treating” myself. I haven’t planned out my meals well enough ahead of time, leading me into dangerous hunger

It wasn’t a hard fall…

To my credit, I have done far worse in the past. I do keep trying. My steady fitness gains and improving heart rate variability score show real progress. So I will pat myself on the back briefly.

But it was a fall nevertheless…

I am still not satisfied. I know I can do better, be better. I want that racing weight, and want real progress in racing this summer. I don’t want summer to end by blogging along the lines of “Well, it went really well, but if I had been a few pounds lighter…”

Where’s the next wagon?

So what will I do? Recommit myself to the Rules. The rules I will follow are the principles of McDougall’s Maximum Weight Loss Program, MWL for short.

How long will I ride?

Leo Babauta over at Zen Habits suggests making changes in small steps. For instance, one habit at a time, starting at five minutes a day. Then build. So I will commit to five days in a row. Starting today, that will be Monday through Friday. Then I can reevaluate. I can decide to take a day off, or try to build more momentum going forward. It’s always fair to get off the wagon by choice at a scheduled stop.

Today’s MWL Wagon Ride:

Cuban Black Beans and Rice from The New McDougall Cookbook I substituted red pepper for one of the green peppers, so it will be slightly less authentic.

Asian stir fry veggies. An old stand by. No tofu or noodles this time, I’m playing by the rules.

I flagged down the next wagon, and I’m climbing on right now. Lunch time, MWL style.


The Cuban Black Beans and Rice came out well, except for the slightly overcooked rice because I chose to blog about cooking instead of cooking!  I measured out 1.25 lbs of food out of curiosity, which resulted in a sizable bowl. Using Jeff Novick’s Calorie Density guide, that’s about 600-650 calories, so I will have to eat more!


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