I Started to Slip, But Saved It

I made it four days.

I set myself for five.

In some ways that’s a fail. But I failed deliberately. I planned for Saturday to relax the rules and reflect. I decided instead to relax the rules on Friday and reflect today. Based on my planned workouts and timing for the weekend, I decided Friday was a better cheat day than today. I was aware that I could just be rationalizing my bad behavior as I have before, but I indulged. I went out instead of cooking MWL food and drank beer. Bear Republic’s Racer 5 IPA is for racers right? The ride on MWL wagon is a bit rough at the moment.

So what went wrong?

Fatigue. I call it “friday fatigue”. It’s a mind numbing paralysis of mental and emotional fatigue that builds up during the week. I put in a lackluster bike commute in annoyingly hot weather. Feeling down, I cut it short. I showered and fresh brewed some fancy tea and relaxed. I tried to nap, but felt no better. I had two options for MWL food for dinner, but could not bring myself to enter the kitchen. I had a few options for eating out of various degrees of non-compliance, but making a decision was agonizing. So I followed the age-old advice, “When all else fails, lower the bar.” I lowered it. I hobbled over it. But while I failed and am paying the price this morning with feeling only somewhat rested, I am mentally back on track to swim this morning and do a long run this afternoon.

So what about next time?

The good news is that there won’t be a Friday like this for a long time. School is almost out, and any fatigue will based on training and racing, which is much easier to deal with. Knowing this was another reason I lowered my expectations yesterday, since I know I don’t have to last much longer before a significant mental and emotional break comes my way. So I will lay low, recover, read entertaining stories rather than heavy stuff, and wear my compression socks. Do they have compression gear for the brain?

Other than Friday, there was some success. I slept fairly well, but it was uneven. I slipped with a little junk food offered me. But all meals were MWL. I lost a little weight, so the method works. My workouts were OK, but like sleep a bit uneven. This unevenness was also reflected by my HRV score.

I just remind myself throughout the day of my mantra:

I feel best when I am:

Well Trained

Well Rested

Well Nourished


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Plant powered off-road triathlete

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