Back in the Saddle

The Hammerstein is over. And while I didn’t get exactly what I wanted, it’s time to move on. I experimented a bit with recovery supplementation, and it appears it paid off. While the two days following the race were filled with a lot of fatigue, I wasn’t really that sore. And the first couple of days after the school year ends always fill me with fatigue as the emotional let down sets in. I usually camp out on the couch with a thriller to read or watch. So I did the same this year: nothing a little James Bond and an old Travis McGee novel can’t fix. And naps. Two hour naps both days.

But now it’s time to get back in the saddle, literally. An easy road ride of 90 minutes, or maybe two hours. I’ll see how the legs feel. It will be strictly aerobic (MAF) with no climbing. I took the last two days off with only a couple of easy walks to get the blood flowing and help recovery. It seems to have worked as I feel good now. Post school year partying with friends is over, and it’s time to get back to the MWL eating disciplines in search of that elusive race weight. Farmer’s market veggies and rice on the training table for today. I must get back to correct nutritional practice for recovery since restaurant food, even with great company, won’t cut it. I will add to the experimental recovery mix some yoga and foam rolling. I have practiced plenty of yoga in the past, but not lately, so I must ease back into that. I’m new to foam rolling, and talk about being late to the party. I think I may very well be the last endurance athlete to incorporate foam rolling into their routine.

Can’t go too crazy though. Next race is Saturday’s 8 hour mountain bike race in Tahoe.



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