John McDougall: Still Fighting the Good Fight

Despite the trends in recent years of high protein diets, low-carb diets, and emphasizing the so-called “healthy fats”, Dr. John McDougall is still championing his high-carb, very low-fat diet that has been the foundation of healthy human populations for thousands of years. Oh, and still helping people at his live-in clinic lose weight, regain health, and reverse chronic diseases. His new book The Starch Solution is out, and at first glance he appears to have summed up what’s new in the last twenty years since his last general explanation, while staying true to his core message that a diet of unrefined plant food is the key to health and happiness.  And of course there are plenty of Mary’s recipes that have all been tested by the thousands of paying patients over the years. While finishing the book and comparing it to his previous explanations for a future review, I found this nice article in his local paper describing his work. The article lists a few Sonoma county restaurants that have McDougall menus, and they are on my list to support during my next visit.


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