XTERRA Tahoe City Preview

XTERRA Tahoe City

Third weekend in a row with a big race. It started by getting Hammered by the Hammerstein at Laguna Seca, continued with high altitude racing at the Lake Tahoe 8hr Mountain Bike Race, and culiminated with an off-road triathlon the XTERRA Tahoe City on Saturday.


Chop off 15 minutes from last year’s best time.


The bike course will be slightly longer this year since there iss no snow in the way. Advantage: Race.

However, that lack of snow will make the run course faster. Advantage: Me.

I haven’t been swimming much, but I’m a little faster. But the water is 50 degrees. Advantage: Push

Recovery: I feel stronger each day, so I’m hoping the training effect of the last two races will carry over into faster times this year. Advantage: Me

Dave: I want to beat Dave again this year. He had pneumonia and lost fitness. So did I. Advantage: ??

More fun and games in Tahoe City, thanks to the race promoter. For a different kind of recovery after XTERRA and for non-racers, thirty California wineries our pouring at the Tahoe CIty Winewalk. Killian Jornet running with regular folk and doing a Q&A at Alpenglow Sports. And the premier of Unbreakable, a movie about the Western States 100 trail race also held this weekend over at Squaw Valley. Lotsa good reasons to hang out in Tahoe. As if any reason was really needed.


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