Weekly Plan: Week of July 16

Peak, Taper and Rest

Yup, that’s the plan. BIG race this weekend, the Tahoe Traill 100, a 100K mountain bike race that also serves as a qualifying race to get into the infamous Leadville Trail 100. I did this race last year on a lark as a personal challenge, only hoping to finish within the time cut-offs. I succeeded, so of course I wanted to do it again and see if I could improve on my time. Using the Maffetone Method of developing a great aerobic base and avoiding high intensity training means my “peak” is a little different. What I’ve done is accumulate volume by not taking days off, and stretching my workouts a little longer each time. Then my “taper” will be three days of reduced training, then three days of rest to absorb all that volume. Then race!


Two hour MTB time trial. Aerobic climb to compare fitness to last year

Short transition run, depnds on bike time

Dinner- Jeff Novick’s SNAP curried cauliflower and potatoes


60-75 min run

40 min swim

Dinner-Turkish Eggplant and rice, green salad


90 min. road ride easy

Dinner- Italian potato/green bean casserole, green salad


MAF test on the track


Dinner: Curried vegetables and dal



Dinner- Fuhrman style GOMBBS (greens, onions, mushrooms and potatoes)


Drive to race venue for athlete’s meeting

Dinner- Pasta



Go as FAST as possible!


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Plant powered off-road triathlete

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