PCRM Vegan Kickstart Review


I intended to use this PCRM Kickstart as a kick in the pants to erase some not so salubioius habits and replace them with better ones. Well, life interfered. It became busier than I thought, and in ways that surprised me. I had planned that I would try all these new wonderful recipes and blog about them. I wanted to support and inspire others that were new to this lifestyle. So I kept my head above water,and with one trangersession, I managed to stay on task. But I wanted to blog about more, especially the practical bits. Well, maybe next time.

Boo me!

I wanted to do more, write more, and share more about hoe this is a wonderful lifestyle that is not so difficult to maintain.


If it is so easy that I can’t even write 250 words about it, then truly, how easy is it?

For me, it’s not so bad, because stir fried veggies and rice or chili are always great options. But for anyone else looking for more practical advice about food addictions, sorry I wasn’t so much help.

Moving forward (the only thing we can do) we can resolve to do better. Everything gets easier with practice, so we should not panic if we blow it along the way. Try to find a way around whatever block it was. There is a way, we can find it.

Keep on keepin’ on,



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  1. Hi Vegpdlr,

    I was oddly inspired by your review of the 21 day kick start as I too had more failure than success this time around. I had high expectations of supporting a friend and being a leader through demonstration, what happened was that I fell a lot. She veered off toward conventional thought that meat centered protein was the answer – and slowly she is seeing the light. I launched into the 21 day kick start with no forethought or planning. What I forgot was that even with recipes being provided for us, there is forethought and time management involved in making sure that ingredients are prepped or meals are prepared ahead of time for busy days and that we have to make sure that our friends understand our intentions and respect our paths before we launch so that they can be depended on for support or if they are unable to be supportive we can devise alternative ways of dealing with them. So, in all, this was not a successful kick start for me, but looking ahead we have the Vegan MOFO to redeeem ourselves. However, the underlying message here is that much like training for a bike race or a run, there are good days and bad days and forethought to a training plan needs to be made. Following this line of thoughts I’ve begun preparing for the MOFO by making broths to freeze, ingredients, and even casseroles ahead of time to that if I run into something unexpected I am not thrown completely off course. I’ve let friends, colleagues, and family know about my month long commitment so that hopefully they will be sources of encouragement and strength – cheering me on in the sidelines- and I feel that MOFO is a second chance for us to grow.

    P.S. Mom and Dad want to come up for Harvest Fair on October 6th – since this is during our MOFO I was hoping you could come to – help prevent me from derailing and falling down a slippery slope! 🙂

    • Sounds like a bunch of good ideas to me. The next Kickstart is in January, right after the holidays, so perfect timing. Practice makes perfect. I kept to the rules except once, but I wanted to try more of the recipes. It’s OK, I saved the recipes to try later.

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