Relax! The Holidays are Here!

The holidays are here, and with it comes all kinds of anxiety about all kinds of things. But one of the big ones for many people is holiday weight gain and loss of fitness. Athletes are often terrified about losing their hard won fitness as the season winds down, and the days get shorter, close and wetter. Everyone worries about the dreaded weight gain, whether casual exerciser or top age grouper. There are roughly six weeks between Thanksgiving and the New Year’s, which seems like a long time with which to do all kinds of damage. Fittingly, it seems every fitness or health oriented magazine or website has all kinds of complicated advice about how to avoid the pitfalls. I have got a simpler plan, don’t worry about it.

Research shows that the average holiday weight gain for adults is one pound.

That’s it. One pound.

The problem is that most people never lose that pound, so after ten years, you have ten extra pounds. Also, the more overweight you are, the more you tend to gain.

But, if you are reasonably active and motivated, you can deal with that pound. You can prevent it with a few counter measures strategically applied. Even if you gain some, you can implement some austerity and lose it after New Year’s. It really is not as bad as you think. All through human history there were periods of feasting, and gaining a few pounds was not a bad thing. Things have changed a bit now, so we must exercise more caution, but there is no reason to get paranoid. You can enjoy the holidays, indulge some, and still get right back on track for the coming season.

So, do not fret. It is not the end of the world, only the end of the year. Just flex that muscle between your ears a bit and you will be fine.


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  1. Excellent insight on Holiday food anxiety. Mine isn’t so much about the possibility of a pound, but more on trying to honor everyone’s eating preferences. I have to admit that I really enjoy a once a year overindulgence in what my family has lovingly termed “lard casserole” while there isn’t really any lard in it, its so full of fat and calories that one serving probably exceeds two days worth of intake! However, trying to honor my own values has become more and more difficult and I’ve found myself giving up my preferences for those of others. Partly because I’m lazy and don’t want to make two separate meals and partly because I don’t want hear anyone’s complaints or thoughts about anything anymore. Yet, I’ve lost my own passion for compassion in all this mess. And there rests my anxiety – at one point I sighed in my kitchen and thought how much easier it would be if I had my brother living here because then we could motivate one another to stay true to our own values and morals. But, I have an omnivorous family and stand alone. Support is key I think – supporting one another to not overindulge too much, to stand by our values, to just be there for one another remembering that its not about weight gain, candy, sugar plums, or anything else – Christmas is about love, compassion, and caring. Suddenly, the anxiety is gone and I once again look forward to the weekend ahead with a peaceful heart and mind.

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