2013 Race Season

New Year’s Day means football to many, hangovers to quite a few, and hopefully the end of the feasting holidays for everyone. For me, it is when I plan out my race season as best I can. I get a brand spankin’ new calendar, fire up the interwebs and try to track down as many firm dates for the races I want to do this year. I base this on past years, but there is often some change, confusion and sometimes conflicts. Many promoters have their calendars ready, and many of the most popular races have opened for registration.

Here is what I look for when planning:

  1. Season length- when does racing start, and when should I finish?
  2. Frequency- how often should I race?
  3. Priorities- which races are the most important?
  4. Training Plan- what kind of training should I be doing?
  5. Performance?Participation Goals- where do I want to see improvement, and when am just doing something new?

Based on previous seasons, here are my answers so far:

  1. April-October
  2. Twice a month
  3. XTERRA and the Leadville Qualifying race at Northstar
  4. Maffetone  until at least April, then off-road as much as possible
  5. XTERRA and the LQS is where I want to go faster, Wildflower, SoNoMas, and Santa Cruz are the races I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

There, wasn’t that easy?

My Race Schedule:

March 30 XTERRA Real, Folsom Lake

April 6 ICE Breaker Sprit Triathlon, Folsom Lake

April 21 Sea Otter Classic XC MTB, Monterey

May 4 Wildflower Lake San Antonio

May 25 Hammerstein 8 hr Solo MTB, Monterey

June 1 SoNoMas XC MTB, Lake Sonoma

June 22 Tahoe MTB 4 hr Solo

June 29 XTERRA Tahoe City

July 20 Leadville Qualifying Series, Northstar at Tahoe

August 3 Squaw Mountain Run, Squaw Valley

August 17 XTERRA Incline Village

Aug 24 Tahoe-Sierra MTB

September Santa Cruz Triathlon

October Golden State Sprint Triathlon

Three remaining slots are open: I would like to race a running race in July, September, and October.

“A” priority races are BOLD.  These races are ones I want to see improvement.

I think this spaces out the races so that I can recover. There is some room where I can jump in a short local race if I feel moved to. It is a nice mix of old favorites where I can compare my performances to  previous years, and a couple of new ones I have had my eye on.




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