2013 Goals

Everyone else already made their goals and resolutions and reflected on last year. I’m behind because this year the school year had me on vacation until well past the New Year. So now it’s my time to figure out what to do with my life.

Goal #1


125 posts

Last year I managed almost one hundred. This year I want an average of three per week. That should work out to two posts here, and one recipe and cooking post over at The Vegan Training Table.

Finish one of those really rough Nanowrimo novels.

Goal #2


Reorganize both blogs to make this my primary and personal blog of health, training, racing, news, and whatever else catches my fancy. Migrate all cooking over to sister blog, The Vegan Training Table, which was born awkwardly during Vegan Mofo. I probably should have kept everything in one place, but I will spend the year  keeping the blogs separate.

Goal #3

Achieve race weight:

less than 150 lbs. for the first time since. . . well, the last time I was under a buck fifty.

Goal #4

Race faster!

Faster at all XTERRA races than last year, and under 7 hours at LQS Northstar. I would also like to run a sub 45 minute 10K.

Goal #5

New races:

Tahoe Sierra MTB


Olympic distance triathlon on the road.

That’s enough for now. In sum, it’s always about the same thing: Training, Racing, and Writing.

What about you? What’s on tap for 2013?


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  1. Like you, the family didn’t get back to school until Monday, so we are just now starting our New Year. I have one more family “Christmas” to celebrate with one more feast on Thursday and then I’m ready to begin 2013 and my goals.

    1) Go Raw (Vegan – not raw carnivore) for 30 days – why? Because I’ve always wanted to and to reset my tastes and focus.
    2) Eat with compassion. I spent 2012 training myself (a forever process) to see people through more compassionate eyes, but on several occasions didn’t follow through adding this into my diet.
    3) Get out and play more often than I don’t. Being a computer commuter I spend far too much time online with my butt in a chair and not enough time outside getting sunshine, laughing, and strengthening my body.
    4) Swim again, run again, and cycle again. No more laziness. I will start slow and work these back into my life.
    5) Celebrate the small positive changes in myself and those around me, whether that’s a friend taking up a sport, volunteering, or positively realigning their own lives – I should celebrate their steps and victories as much as I celebrate my own. 🙂

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