New Year’s Odds and Sods Goals

A mixed bag of projects:

  • Race Leadville and become a Silver King
  • Finish in top third of an XTERRA
  • Complete Ashtanga yoga primary series (on my own or with group)
  • Complete Progressive Calisthenics Century challenge, as above
  • Bench press bodyweight, squat/deadlift 1.5x bodyweight
  • Perform 108 sun salutations on the 108th day of the year (April 18)
  • Complete a ten day meditation retreat
  • Finish two novels underway, write another

Should keep me busy and out of trouble, right?


About vegpedlr

Plant powered off-road triathlete

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  1. vegpedlr,

    I give you credit. You are able to stay motivated. You are able to continue training at a consistently high level. You are able to avoid burn out and fatigue.

    Me, on the other hand. I went from considering signing up for a full marathon next fall to bailing out on my spring half marathon training plan in a single day, the day before the new year started.

    The fact that all of your training continues to be a labor of love and not a chore that is dreaded is a good thing.

    Good luck in Leadville.

    How are you going to accommodate the lower level of oxygen in Leadville? Do you do some training in the mountains of northern California?

    • I spend a lot of time at 6000 ft in elevation. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can really do except get as high as you can a couple weeks out. I suppose an altitude tent for $10K…

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