The Leadville Project Has Begun: 2015 Racing

The A Number One Race:

Silver King in Leadville: Saturday 50 mile MTB, Sunday 50 mile trail run

Other Very Important Races:

XTERRA Tahoe City, XTERRA Tahoe

Tahoe Trail 100K MTB

Boggs Mountain 8 hr MTB


Odds and Sods:

Random short XC races for practice and hard workouts

Running races? Need to find some as prep for the Silver Rush

XTERRA Portland, Fruita if available this year

Sea Otter?


About vegpedlr

Plant powered off-road triathlete

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  1. Woo Hoo! Great goals my friend. I feel like I need to train just to be a spectator! What nutrition plans do you have to help you perform?

    • Spectators don’t have to train hard. Support crew can drive to the aid stations. As for nutrition, the usual vegan fare, emphasis on leafy greens and beets for vascular benefits.

  2. I was wondering if this race was a 50 mile bike ride or a 50 mile trail run. Oh. My. God. It’s both. Well, at least they let you sleep between the bike ride and the trail run. But I’m sure by next year they’ll have people race ’em on the same day.

    I can’t imagine how people can cover that kind of mileage at over 10,000 feet elevation.

    Good luck.

    • I can’t get in to the 100 mi MTB, so I picked this challenge which is open. I have a couple friends who attempted the 100 MTB race, and one of them had the exact same result up at 10000 ft as he did a couple weeks previously in Tahoe at 7-8000 ft. He said he didn’t feel the altitude at all. We’ll see. The bike isn’t huge, I’ve done that before. It’s the run that will be amazing. It’s really more of a mental and even spiritual challenge to go that long. The body really is capable at that low intensity, but the mind and brain have a long time to try to convince you to quit.

  3. Completely off topic. But I can feel myself wavering from the “In 2015 I will rest” New Year’s Resolution. It’s hard to kick the half marathon habit, it seems.

    • Try a different distance. Go down to the 10K and feel what lactate threshold running feels like. Or, go off-road. Trail running is hard to quantify, so you just go hard and enjoy yourself with the camaraderie of all the other runners. Lotsa good stuff to do.

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