Mass Made Simple: Lite!


Old School Muscle with John Grimek

Mass Made Simple

For what it’s worth, I will toss out my little experiment that I’m currently engaged in. While endurance sports are my passion, I do enjoy strength training, and it does value for endurance. I was leery of doing much gym work, worried that it would interfere with aerobic development a la Maffetone. But I figured that I can take a few weeks off here and there to focus on strength. After all, I’ve pretty strict with MAF training for some time.


Old School High Rep Squat Program

Last fall I eased back into the gym, experimented, and built a little base strength. I’ve been heavily influenced by this guy Dan John. I became intrigued by his Mass Made Simple program. It is similar to really old school (read: pre-steroid) training programs that built tons of muscle and strength. I’m not as interested in mass, but these programs are based on high rep, heavy squats. Sounds like fighting up a steep technical climb on the MTB. So I gave it a go and lasted four weeks until I picked up a bug. Fell off the wagon, then switched to maintenance later in the spring. Definitely helped my riding as I had by developing greater torque. It didn’t seem to interfere with aerobic fitness, though I didn’t formally test it.


High rep squat promoter Peary Rader demonstrating

So I’ve spent the last couple months rebuilding my strength base following some of Dan John’s ideas and riding whenever. Now, I’ve hung up the wheels for a few weeks to just blast away in the gym to see how much strength I can build before I start aerobic base training in January.

But as I read through that program, I knew that I didn’t have the strength base to safely complete it. It was definitely geared toward more advanced strength athletes. I wondered how to scale it down to my level. Fortunately, the gang at Dan John’s forum had already asked, and he delivered.

Mass Made Simple Lite!

I’m wrapping up week 2. A little sore, but so far, so good.

I’ve read most of his books and many articles. A gold mine, and he’s funny too.

So for those looking to get bigger, something to think about.


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