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Iron War Heats Up

Damn! I was SO looking forward to this book about the legendary 1989 Ironman triathlon being published. Now I’m concerned. This race has fascinated me for years, especially as I have delved more deeply into the Maffetone training method that Mark Allen used in preparing for this historic win over the amazing Dave Scott. I heard the author, Matt Fitzgerald, speak at a meeting of my triathlon club this summer where he mentioned this book. So I was dying to read it. (He was speaking about his last two books Racing Weight and Run The Mind Body Method of Running by Feel) I have long enjoyed his articles in print and on the web, but now I worry about veracity and integrity. I mean, if the two principal players in the drama are outraged enough to actually pursue legal action? I really want to read the book, especially because of the controversy, but if Fitzgerald is truly wrong here, then I don’t want any of my money going to his cause. What to do? Do I cancel my Amazon pre-order? Just follow the internet flame war to follow? Or do I pay Fitzgerald, read and then make up my mind? What would  you do? Check out the amazing finish to that race.