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PCRM Vegan Kickstart Week 2: Keep the Momentum!

I was very pleased Lani Muelrath, a plant based educator and coach, took a forum post of mine and turned it into a blog post on her own website. It was a wonderful reminder that we all make mistakes, and that no single mistake is really the end of the world. Well, I suppose a few world leaders could make a mistake with the red button and actually end the world, but for the rest of us we can bounce back. My post’s aim was to show mistakes can be corrected and encourage those who are new to this sort of lifestyle to never give up.


That’s it. That’s the secret. Keep moving forward. Don’t wallow in any negativity about what went wrong, just do what’s right, right now. I’m inspired by a few things whenever I’m faced with a challenge like this. (which happened last weekend with a restaurant FAIL)

  • The number one factor determining whether a smoker quits or not? Whether they tried before.

Taken another a way, it means they failed. BUT, they have the desire, so they come back to it., again and again, until they make it stick. It’s the desire that matters.

  • Every action you do strengthens the HABIT of that action.

So you blew it? So what! The very next moment get back to the habit you’re trying to ingrain. Wear the groove in deep for what you want. If you fail at a meal, make sure the next one is 100% on plan. You’ll bounce back.

  • An object in motion…

Tends to stay in motion until acted on by another force. So you got bounced off track? Bounce back! Counter-intuitively, the more you do this, the easier it gets. The mistakes make us stronger and smarter.






Rumination is useful, and analysis can help you understand where the traps are to avoid in the future.

But first you must …


Best of luck to all the Kickstarters and anyone else trying to rewrite their own story.


Guest Post: How to Survive a Potluck and Stay Plant Strong

So how do you stick with the Kickstart when dealing with a crowd? Here is how my sister handled the problem. Make a large amount of something fresh, seasonal, flavorful, and fun, and don’t tell anyone! Here my sister used great summer produce, good but not overpowering seasonings, and grilling to bring out flavor. Brilliant! I’ve had her grilled sugar snaps and they are a revelation. With something this good, make sure you do as she did it ensure success: keep your stash separate!

Hi Bro- It’s veggie sis here. So week one of kick start is done and I had a slip too – it was pizza with the parents. Oh well, at least I have this week – which has started off awesome! For a church potluck yesterday I made our new favorite summer pasta with every fresh summer veggies we can think of mixed with squiggle noodles, balsamic vinegar, capers, and roasted red bell pepper. The veggies included grilled yellow squash in bite sized pieces, grilled green zukes in bite sized pieces, grilled red onion, and mixed these with fresh sweet corn cut from the cob and steamed green beans, A little cracked pepper, a little garlic power, roasted red pepper and fresh basil torn into small pieces and mixed in. ALL FLAVOR – even the people who didn’t know they were eating vegan enjoyed the fresh natural flavors.

Recipe for a potluck to scale back for your own use:

(makes about six servings) (yeah right! for vegpedlr, that’s 2-3!)

Pasta boiled and cooled (squiggles or bow ties)
Two crook neck yellow squash cut into bite sized pieces
Two Green Zukes cut into bite sized pieces
1/2 pound of green beans

Or: sugar snap peas

Two red onions in 1/8’s wedges


If using green beans, steam until tender and bathe in ice water to stop cooking and set color.

I put one teaspoon of olive oil on the whole gaggle of veggies and hand toss to coat them

Heat the grill and put down release foil so they won’t stick and when its preheated dump the veggies on. Grill until there is a char on everything. Remove from the grill and mix with the cooked pasta- green beans – allow to cool

When cooled, add two tablespoons of capers (or less to taste)
Dice one jar of roasted red bell peppers and mix in
Kernels cut from two ears of fresh white corn
Diced baby heirloom cherry tomatoes
Drench it all in 20 year balsamic vinegar for a wonderful rich sweet flavor
Zest a lemon and mix the zest in, then squeeze the juice on it
Tear up 1/2 cup of basil and sprinkle all over then mix in.

This dish can be served hot or cold as a main course or a side and NO ONE WILL EVER GUESS ITS VEGAN, LOW FAT, AND VIRTUALLY OIL FREE.

The pot luck crowd devoured it like animals so luckily I kept a dish at home for me!

PCRM Vegan Kickstart Week One DIY:

A bean.

A green.

A grain.

I love simplicity, even if I don’t show it. I love alliteration and rhyming because it makes things easier to remember. So I tried the formula:

A Bean.

Garbanzos. I cooked a huge pot and had some left over ready to use.

A Green.

Cabbage. I had a cole slaw blend that I decided to repurpose.

A Grain.

Rice. It feeds most humans and I love it.

Looks like a curry! So I fashioned a curry based on Simple Bombay Aloo.

I added carrot, the cabbage mixture, and some green beams and eggplant I had laying around. For curry powder I used the last of my Sri Lankan curry powder, which is hotter and different from your average curry powder. Served on top of rice, it made a great dinner and lunch the following day.