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Vegan Muscle Building

Now, while I am an endurance athlete and not particularly interested in bodybuilding, I do have great respect for those in the “iron game.” So I was inspired to find a couple of vegan iron warriors, a husband and wife team of bodybuilders that eat only plant based food. Check ’em out at vegan muscle and fitness. I especially like Derek’s description of bucking the bodybuilding accepted wisdom of limiting calories for pre-contest dieting. Wow!  But two links of interest about veggies and muscle piqued my interest. One was the powerful of cruciferous veggies to build muscle. Many are aware of the cancer fighting potential of cruciferous veggies, but building muscle? Who woulda thunk it. Then, another research study shows the power of plant foods at preserving  muscle. Conventional wisdom limits that to protein, and usually animal protein or supplements. More proof that plant power is the way to go!